Saturday, January 20, 2018

Must be right-wing extremist election season...lots of GAY Repubicans!!

   We can always tell when its election season for the extremist alt-right wing nuts. They start mentioning their sexual perversions
regarding the candidates.  Male on Male?  Yes, male on male??

 While claiming to be anti-gay along with anti-everything that isn't pure white, they profess to want sex with each man who is a right-wing candidate, in our opinion.  It's truly sick!

     And right here in Calaveras County--home of the cowardly gun thugs, the racist women abusers and the crazies who abuse animals. 

   The world is learning that those who claim to be religious moralists are the worst offenders of decency.  We should be able to tell due to who they support. Trump and Joe from Alabam!


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