Saturday, January 20, 2018

Republicans claim straight, but really gay????

  An example of Republicans who claim to be straight and anti-LGBT often get caught. For example Wes Goodman out of Ohio, serving his first term in the House, was turned in after getting caught having gay sex in his office.

   Then, of course, there was Dennis Hastert, the obvious super-predator, who demonized blacks and gays publicly but had a secret life--with young boys.

   How about Jon Hinson, House member, caught having oral sex with an employee of the Library of Congress and charged with sodomy.

   Then there was Ed Schrock of Virginia, House member who was caught soliciting a male prostitute after opposing gay marriage and gays in the military.

   We can't forget about Mark Foley, infamous House member from Florida, who was caught sending explicit e-mails to teenage congressional pages.

   And the list goes on and on and on!!! So, its not surprising if it exists right here in Calaveras County.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean its possible that two guys who like to get together and have drinks are possibly gay???

Anonymous said...

I don't mind if they're gay. call me and i'll teach you right. and I won't tell anyone/

Anonymous said...

Now I see why the white right fears you, ss.

Anonymous said...

How many gay repubs are deputies?