Monday, January 15, 2018

Needed: An honorable person to run for SHERIFF of Calaveras

  No White Supremacists!! No EXTREMIST religious nuts!  No one who doesn't even know the business owners where he has worked.  And not someone who can't keep names straight!!!

   Someone with common sense, good management skills and who will NOT allow racism or religion to rule Calaveras County!!

Let's go down the list:  DiBasilio, admittedly loves Mike Preston and Patrick Strohmeyers. He waffles between pro-regulation and pro-ban, but harasses farmers and gets us into all kinds of trouble with lawsuits.

   Garrahan:  Nice guy, but extreme right wing religious Republican.  Won't separate himself from Trump Party or guarantee cannabis grower rights.

   Stevens:  Too bad, but the most extremist of the lost. Can't keep names straight. Doesn't know the business people where he supposedly was stationed for years, and accuses people of growing cannabis who have never been part of the business.  Bad management decisions; can't run a Sheriff's department any better than what we've got now.


Anonymous said...

No Sh** Sherlock!

Anonymous said...

There has got to be at least ONE person with law enforcement exp. who will run

Anonymous said...

I heard a fourth person is running against the Sheriff and it's one of his own officers. Captain Eddie Ballard, who has ran for sheriff before is throwing in his hat. Of course it will be the same old story. same people, not change.