Monday, January 15, 2018

White Supremacists hate white people too!!

   In a discussion with Gary Stevens earlier today, he questioned whether crimes committed
in a white community on other whites are racist hate crimes.

   Just like in Charlottesville, the White Supremacists ran over and killed a young white girl who was protesting against them.  Here in Calaveras we see the same hateful violence and threats. White Supremacists on whites who don't agree with them.

  Stevens didn't seem to be aware of the hatred and violence in the racist community of Calaveras County. He couldn't possibly run the Sheriff's Office. 

     You are either one of them or one against them; there is no in between!! You are either for TRUMP racism or you are open and kind!! You cannot be both!!

   We tried to tell Mr. Stevens how bad it is here in Calaveras, what with threats of rape, blowing up homes, damaging property, fires, all by White Supremacist crazies. He didn't seem to be aware of the problem.  That just won't work.

   Whether you write about a dirty racist cop or a sick racist who threatens President Obama, you must first be aware of the sickness and be willing to lock them UP!

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Anonymous said...

What does our illustrious current sheriff say? probly nothing. he's one of them.