Saturday, May 19, 2018

Callaway and Langen respond to Union endorsements

   Calaveras District 3 is having an interesting Supervisor primary race this year. With absentee ballots already received by voters, questions have arisen
about the Union endorsements of current Supervisor Oliveira.

   We asked Callaway why the Unions; both SEIU and the AFL-CIO would endorse Oliveira, who we had believed was a conservative Republican and her response was simply "?"

   Ed Langan the newcomer in this district's politics said " Thank you for bringing this front and center. It is important to note that as a Calaveras Supervisor one of your responsibilities is representing the County in collective bargaining with the Union's on employee wage and benefit packages.  How or why would you seek Unions support when it is in direct conflict with your duties and responsibilities to represent the County in these negotiations."

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Langan, but understand that union members vote, so what do you do. I still don't understand why they picked a Republican right winger over a Dem.