Friday, May 11, 2018

Can the Blue Wave kick out lifetime Republicans?

   There is no question that nationwide there is a Blue Wave of Democrats taking over the House of Representatives, and possibly even the Senate in November.

   What about here in California or even Calaveras County?
Can the Blue Wave bring in a hardworking resident to public office and stop the lifetimers who live
off the public taxpayer?

   Tom Pratt is a local businessman, school board trustee and best of all, resident of Calaveras County.

   He thinks its time we had a State Senator who is accessible, wants to represent everyone and who isn't just out to live their life on the public dole, like his main opponent.

   Will the Big Blue Wave of anti-Trumpers and those who want a change from the corrupt politicians this Senate seat has had, be enough to clean up the trash and throw it out permanently? 

   We'll have to see what happens in the primary. Be sure to mail in your ballot, register if you haven't yet and VOTE on June 7, 2018!

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