Friday, May 4, 2018

LIttle WORMs should hide in their holes, Timmy Muetterties!!!

   We just got the opportunity to watch the debate (if you can call it that) between the Calaveras Assessor Leslie Davis and a SRRANNGE challenger called the little WORM, Timmy Muetterties.

   He complained right off the bat that he has a lot to learn and expects the employees currently working at the Assessor to TRAIN him.  WHAT?????

    He complained that the press has reported that he is definitely not qualified. He holds not ONE degree in any of the correct studies necessary.

   He says he is a successful realtor (we can't find one person who likes him), and he really is tinier than he looks, perhaps 5.2". We believe they gave him a booster seat for the debate. He never stood.

    There is no question that Leslie Davis is not only the ONLY qualified candidate, but that she has NO conflict of interest (being a realtor, although we hear not much is sold by him).

   He bragged about being on a couple of committees, appointed by Supervisor Oliveira, who he supported and who's wife is a planning commissioner as a repayment.

   Don't be fooled!!  This strange looking, hyper-active little man is NOT capable of handling the job and I would feel sorry for the overworked county employees who he would demand attempt train him how to do the job. 

   Perhaps you could get a job at Dollar General to supplement your lack of real estate sales, Wormy!!!


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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better to have one of the county employees that knows the job to be Leslie's replacement one day if that were the case? Isn't that how most people succeed in life, is to work under the person and graduate to that position? Shouldn't Tiny Tim be doing this rather than trying to start at the top. Sorry Tim, you have to pay your dues an being a vacation home salesman with no degree or government experience does not cut it. Try to get a county job first although unlikely since you have to qualify unless your bromance with Olivera will win you a position!