Saturday, May 5, 2018

What is Measure A and why is it on the ballot??

   UPDATE:  We have been told that the California State law regarding county hospitals has changed.  Apparently because taxpayers do provide support due to a county hospital providing service for those who cannot afford it, every new lease must be placed on the ballot for approval.
   Everyone in Calaveras County received a large expensive advertisement, apparently paid for
by Dignity Health, in favor of Measure A on next months ballot.

   We have tried to get details on WHY this had to come before the voters. The Elections department said it is NOT a tax increase, although Mark Twain is a COUNTY HOSPITAL for the poor.

   When we try to find out WHY a lease renegotiated for Dignity Health, the Catholic organization, has to go to the voters, we are somewhat stymied.

   No one else wants this lease and if they aren't trying to get taxpayers to fork over more money to support a failing hospital, then why do we have to vote. 

   We will do some more checking and report it later.

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