Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor candidate Langan denies

   Calaveras District 3 Supervisorial candidate is a close friend, previous campaign chairman for and follower of Dennis Mills, who
is under RECALL.

   Last night we had an opportunity to question him on some facts we had been given. He DENIES even knowing who Mike Preston is, says McManus would not help with his campaign, and refuses to say if he is a Trump follower.

   Since another candidate gave us these facts, including that Preston was seen putting up Langan signs, we repeated the question and warned him not to FIB. He continued to deny the allegations!


Anonymous said...

I thought he would b a good choice until I listen to his views. He is by far the worst choice for district three Supervisor. Vote NO NO NO to this loser Lanagan.

Anonymous said...

Just try getting a straight answer out of any of them. They all lie just to get elected.

Anonymous said...

He denies having anything to do with someone like Preston???

Anonymous said...

Hey all of you bombastic idiots, yeah you! Are you going to re-elect Olivera that hasn't done a damn thing or Callaway that totally screwed district 3 with her anti growth measures and left a 8 million dollar deficit when she left office! NO ONE is perfect an most anybody can do the supervisor job. Look at Olivera, no college degree and just a Sheriff! Give Langden 4 years and give him the boot if he doesn't work out. Unless any of you smart ass's think you can do a better a job than being a backseat quarterback!