Saturday, May 12, 2018

Supervisor candidate Langan in Arnold today

   Calaveras District 3 Supervisorial candidate Ed Langan was out campaigning at Meadowmont Shopping Center in Arnold today and we chatted with him for quite some time.

   Langan is the only pro-ban candidate running for District 3 Supervisor. He also indicates he would get rid of Planned Development to help businesses and promote jobs in District 3.

  We don't know where Merita Callaway was, but current Supervisor Oliveira has been out of town for a few days and is expected to return to the area on Sunday.

   The Sierra Sentinel does not have a preferred candidate in this primary, as we see problems with al three running. One is pro-ban and the other two are anti-business and anti-job.

   Another issue is the lack of honesty among these three candidates. We were hoping to find one that would be up front and transparent with the voters; unfortunately, that hasn't happened so far.

   If you are an anti-cannabis person, then Langan is your man. If you like the Muetterties and the racist crowd they run with then vote for Oliveira.

   Callaway is showing signs of illness and also has been lacking in transparency when we question her, so we hope the best of the three wins, but  we don't consider this a great list of candidates.

   After the primary, the Sentinel will decide who should be chosen if there is a runoff, which many feel will be the case.

   Langan is the dark horse, who will peel off quite a few votes from those who hate cannabis and could very likely force a runoff.

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Anonymous said...

Langden is the most intellectual and articulate of all 3 candidates and he is the only one that can turn Arnold from trailer trash into a hot destination spot!