Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira and Muetterties con everyone!!

   The suckers of Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira and his treacherous, do anything to win Lisa Muetterties, suckered in Merita Callaways' little army to attend a
Planned Development meeting last night at Independence Hall.

   Oliveira was late, but Muetterties pretended to like the Callaway bunch, who were totally taken in by their pretense of caring about Planned Development.

   In the end, Muetterties stated that the meeting was completely set up to do nothing but form a worthless committee, with the intention of doing nothing about Planned Development.

   Do they really think the Callaway suckers who showed up will now vote for Oliveira??? Treacherous as you are Muetterties, you are still stupid, which is one of the reasons people are trying so hard to get rid of you!!


Anonymous said...

Both candidates showed me they are corrupt! It's definitely the lesser of two evils. I heard that Ellis may have cheated his partner, a guy named Pederson on the land deal where he lives and has a development.
I liked it as a scout camp.

Anonymous said...

NO one can stand the muterties, so it makes getting rid of olivera more important.

Anonymous said...

She says he owes her. She is really in control of him. Everyone says he's too dumb without her.