Friday, September 28, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Debate at Bret Harte High School

   Dear Editor:

   I found the debate tonight at Bret Harte HS to be somewhat displeasing.

   Gary Stevens made some good points, but I would have liked to see Rick DiBasilio there. I think his excuse for not being able to attend is dumb and the shirts his supporters wore looked horrible and cheap.

   Why would people wear those shirts when the person wouldn't even show up to the debate?

   I do not live in District 5 but found Ben Stopper to be more interesting than I originally thought. I think that race will be close, and after tonight, my vote would go to him.

   District 3, on the other hand, is where I live so I paid close attention to it.

  After hearing a group of people in the back of the auditorium making comments about Merita and then shouting while she was speaking, I realized they were supporters of Mike Oliveira.

   They were also the people wearing those stupid blue shirts.   I listened to both of them and was confused by some of Mike Oliveira's comments.

   Did he cut funding to the Sheriff next year or not?  He uses generalities an those statements are very confusing.   I don't understand his platform because he really didn't explain it.

   Merita was clear and concise when speaking. She explained her positions and seems to have a better understanding of how local government works.

   She realizes that funding the Fire Departments can be dangerous as there are 11 in our county and they all have their own appointed boards.

   She explained ways she would help them. Michael had some doom and gloom story about fires but stated he wants to continue to try fund them?  With what money?

  He had another doom and gloom story about the deficit so I'm not sure where he stands.

   I'm voting for Merita because she clearly has more experience and understands how to navigate through tough territory. 

   After all, she was in office durng The Great Recessione


Anonymous said...

I don't like any of them, but if i have to choose, i choose callaway. at least she's smart.

Anonymous said...

DiBasilio knows he will get butchered in a debate, that’s why he didn’t go...he needs to go, he does a poor job

Anonymous said...

Oliveira and his supporters were unhinged at this debate. His supporters seem to believe what he says at all times....and get extremely vocal when the ACTUAL facts are stated by Callaway. Their antics were so off-putting and childish. He blames everything on PD! He has no clue how to navigate throufh the government requirements for roads, bridges, turning lanes, ADA compliance, and simply tells everyone that PD is the problem.
Even his appointed FRIENDS arent bright enough to helo him navigate the requirements. That's why his Arnold PD committed is in shambles! Lisa Muetteeties is pissed because what she thought she was going to do...was all wrong! The county has told her she is basically a high functioning dumb ass for advising Mike about PD all wrong.
Merita came across as someone who KNOWS how to navigate the laws of the County and how to get things done in the most efficient way....she basically acknowledges the issue and immediately tells you what the risks and hurdles will be. Not because she doesn't want to help...but because she has done it correctly before.
Mike is running to support Blue Lake Springs...not Arnold, not Arnold businesses (spoke to the Black Bear Inn owners...they said it's true what he tried with them) and he's not in it for Murphys for sure!
His unhinged supporters looked like fools and should be embarrassed. I was on the fence until this debate....but now I see everything is true that I've been told. He's incompetent, makes very poor choices, and is surrounded by the worst types from Arnold. (Bad Realtors and bad "out of business" owners)
Looks like it's going to be Merita hands down and I am now VERY comfortable with that.
My Check is in the mail Merita.
Thank you for keeping it classy.

Anonymous said...

mine too!

Anonymous said...

waste of my time listening to mike and clap. waste of my precious time.

also didn't appreciate hearing a ton of mike supporters interrupting a candidate while they spoke. they were told not to. very trashy. but they did that kind of crap last election so they will continue.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike is a really nice guy. He just doesn't know what he's doing and that's okay. Maybe he should stick with volunteering at the Sheriff's office since they need so much help.

Anonymous said...

I would also agree. Nice dude but not that smart.