Thursday, October 4, 2018

Just how corrupt is Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio???

   Today we received a blackmail attempt in one of our email accounts. This is a continuation
of the threats, violence, vandalism and harassment we have endured from the right wing extremist gun thugs, Candyrock Terrorists and Dirty Cops.

  As always, we have forwarded it directly to Sheriff DiBasilio because his online reporting system is again not working.

  In the past, his so-called techy investigator Villegas told me he was not competent to trace the threats we received and we had to go to the FBI.

  He stated he indeed, could trace anything through an email, however. 

  This blackmail attempt had one of our passwords correct and demanded money.  We are waiting to see what DiBasilio will do, if anything.

  This should tell us exactly how corrupt this Sheriff's Office is under his watch!!  We will keep our readers informed.

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Anonymous said...

Funny- the same thing happened to GABA. Wonder if there is a connection there.