Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Sierra Sentinel will not be SILENCED by threats!

  As our readers are well aware, the owner of the Sierra Sentinel will NOT
be deterred, frightened off or intimidated by the racist extremist right wing violent criminals.

   We are, however, watching our mailboxes, because we do believe one of the worst (or possibly 5) live in Calaveras County.

   As we all know, the mentally ill racist thugs don't just hate minorities; they hate anyone who disagrees with their hatred!

   They have been reported to authorities for threatening to burn down our home (with us in it), for vandalizing our property (over $20,000 in damage so far), threatened to SHOOT up our home, tried to put us out of business (we are told fellow racists are sent to an XX down the hill only), and anything else to SHUT US UP!

    Trump encourages this and the violence that goes with it!  Until enough people who care vote to OUST all the racist Republicans who support him, our country will go down hill and our democracy will suffer.

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