Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Trump: "Proud to be a Nationalist!" This too, WILL PASS!!

   At a Texas rally last night, our mentally deficient Trumper announced how proud he is to be a "Nationalist"! (another code for racist)

   In other words, proud to be a part of the WHITE SUPREMACIST mob, proud to be a KKK klan supporter, proud to be a pure unadulterated and sick RACIST FREAK terrorist!!!

   All those who support or vote for him or his fellow Trump Party Nationalists are also  RACIST FREAKS!!   

   We have been by so many NICE people that they feel sick every time they look at Trump and that they feel they need to apologize to every minority they meet for their treatment by him and his core.

   The Sierra Sentinel wants to apologize for all of the hurt, the violence, the hateful rhetoric that comes from this sick man.  Please be patient!  THIS TOO, WILL PASS!!

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