Saturday, October 27, 2018

Lawyer "Trump was like his father!"--No secret now!

Come to me my cult-children,
worship me and I will take
care of you!!!
  Like most of Trumps supporters, the bomb suspect worshipped Trump and his cult and as his lawyer said, thought of him 'like a father'.

   His boss said "he was a racist, always spewing out racial slurs" and "was like a 14 year-old in a man's body with a low IQ!

   Trump always knew and its certainly no secret now, who the real MOBS are, because he sees them at his rallies, where this suspect also hung out, plastered his van (where he lived) with Trump trash and shot selfies at lots of rallies he attended.

   He is merely a sample of the kind of people in the Trump CULT!  Low IQ racists who live on the fringe, and are more than a little mentally ill.

   Like many racists, his family tried to convince him to get help and he refused!  They really believe their affliction is normal.

   Trump will never stop trying to put the blame for his evil on others, we have to eliminate his power
by VOTING and taking back the HOUSE!!

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