Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Steve Wilensky defends Calaveras Counsil Megan Stedtfelt

   Why, we aren't sure, but Steve Wilensky, ex-Supervisor, is speaking in favor of the polluting bio-mass plant he got going over in District 2.

   He wants Calaveras Supervisors BLESSING to apply for another government grant, but started talking about Stedtfelt in the middle, saying he didn't like the insults she has received.

  In fact,  Wilensky is saying the same praise about Stedtfelt as he used when he described that woman who almost destroyed Calaveras County government; his close friend from Amador County who fired Ray Waller from the Building Department because Waller had CITED Wilensky for illegal building on his land.

     Not a smart move, Wilensky!!!  He admitted that they have not put out ONE amp of electricity into the PG&E system, saying he needs $24 million to begin producing power.

   So, what is he doing burning all that wood he gets for free??? And polluting the air besides???

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Anonymous said...

Heating his apple cider?