Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Oliveira panicking! Muetterties acting like Muetterties!

   Calaveras Supervisorial candidate Oliveira has blown it! He panicked when he heard that there was an active write-in campaign for Langan, a conservative Republican.

   The Calaveras Republicans have refused to endorse Oliveira, who they consider to be a RINO, and many feel they may be behind Langans write-in candidacy.

  Whatever the reason, Oliveira has sent the Muetterties out on a self-destruction campaign, trying to smear Langan; they hate him, and believe his voters may switch to the conservative.

   The Muetterties have shown themselves to be; well, the Muetterties, hanging out with their closest racist gun freaks and acting out on social media as themselves, sick puppies!!


Anonymous said...

All she's doing is helping langden. why?

Anonymous said...

lisa m. is a lover of that racist preston, the one who threatened obama in front of a crowd. i was there. he put his hands up with fingers outsstretched to the tv where obama was speaking and shouted "SHOOT the N^^^^^) He's craxy an so is she. goo couple

Anonymous said...

Preston is the one who writes that callaway is a C***, right? What does he say about lisa behind her back??

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Oliveria's campaign is full of people trashing Merita every chance they get. Didn't expect it to change with Ed either. They are pissed he won't endorse him. Ha! I wonder how bad he will lose this election and what on earth will Lisa do when she has to go back to work in realestate?