Thursday, October 25, 2018

Former CIA Director Brennan sent pipe bomb!//Local threats to Sierra Sentinel owner

   Candidate Oliveira tied to violent racists!

 One of the Democrats that Trump has harshly criticized and yesterday received a pipe bomb in the mail, has lashed out at Trump.

    He tweeted "The American people deserve better than this. Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror. Your inflammatory rhetoric, insults, LIES and encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful."

    Trump again slammed media outlets as "fake news" for reporting the truth, even after CNN received one of the bombs.

   Brennan continued, "Clean up YOUR act...try to act Presidential.  BTW, your critics will not be intimidated into silence."

   As a news media who reports on Trump and other local violent racists, we are well aware of who the dangerous people are.  We all need to report anything we have witnessed or been a victim of.

   The Sentinel has reported threats from racist gun thugs, violent dirty cops and others who even have threatened President Obama.

   The Secret Service and FBI need to again look at all of those people previously know to have been perpetrators of violence, even known to our previous Sheriff Kuntz.

   We will be contacting authorities about the local people we are aware of, who need to be fully investigated, including one woman in Ebbetts Pass we consider the most violent extremist of all.

  Unfortunately, all of these violent racists are campaign supporters of Michael Oliveira, who we will NOT ever support due to his connections with these extreme criminals.

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Anonymous said...

I think Maxine Waters is far worse at rabble rousing and being the inciting "big mouth", democrat!