Friday, October 19, 2018

Wilensky corruption afoot with CHIPs on Calaveras agenda? Oliveira TIED to this??

  On Tuesday October 26, 2018 Calaveras Supervisors agenda, Item 6 in the Consent Agenda part says its promoting and supporting the CHIPS program, which encourages all clear-cutting to make money while polluting the air in the West Point area.

    CHIP is a biomass company, we understand started by one-time Supervisor Wilensky, who also brought us woman who nearly destroyed the county's entire structure.

   Why is Wilensky now being rewarded. How much stock does he own in this Wilseyville Biomass, also known as Blue Mountain Electric?  We do recall he was attempting to sell stock.

   We have been told that Wilensky and Oliveira of District 3 have become cohorts (dangerous) and that now Oliveira is willing to give up ALL of our trees to help Wilensky. Is that true???

   This organization is also applying for government grants (our tax money) to operate without them having to put in any funds. This is very concerning.


Anonymous said...

chips is an environmental nightmare. no true forest lover could ever support it. wilensky is a crook, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER issue with Oliveira? GEEZ!

Anonymous said...

I thought Wilensky moved out of Calaveras County?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is tied to Oliveira totally ignoring the over cutting of trees in Arnold neighborhoods? He called a sham meeting, said he'd look into it, and then forgot all about it. As usual! Probably went straight to his Biomass friend Wilensky and told him! Hell, they are probably over cutting the trees and giving them to this guy's company!
After Oliveiras Cal -Waste ties were revealed and we now know his vote that increased all our tax rates was paid for directly by Cal Waste! i am no longer shocked at all the stories of his mob like takeover of ebbetts pass!!!
Investigate this corrupt him out! Lock him up!!!