Friday, October 5, 2018

Marriage Licenses in Calaveras

   The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Calaveras in August and September 2018:

   Matthew Travis McDaniel and Nicole Lynn Jones on August 27, 2018

   Ian Eugene Rohrbach and Sirena Valentine Pacheco on August 27, 2018,

   Matthew Hassan Adili and Brianna Kimberly Bywater on August 28, 2018

   Michael Scott Tyndall and Stephannie Danielle Martinez on August 29, 2018

   Mark William Franz and Taryn Nicole Bourgeois on August 29, 2018

   Huber Solis and Madison Clare Smith on August 30, 2018

   Michael David Bayha and Keisha Kim Wade on August 30, 2018

  Harold Thomas Allen and Susan Marie McNally on August 31, 2018

   Kary Danelle Griffith and Trent Ellis Teagle on August 31, 2018

   Kayla Jean Gregory and Brandon William Brooks on August 31, 2018

  John Steven Johansen and Kimberly Renee Oyervides on August 31, 2018

   Elizabeth Antoinette Valdez and Lane Ray Gore on August 31, 2018

   Tina Marie Hargreaves and Robert Thomas Zelmer on September 5, 2018

   Glen Clifford Conder and Lorrie Ellen Dubois on September 10, 2018

   Chelsea Rose Gascon and Andrew Thomas Delappe on September 7, 2018

   Tyler Wayman West and Macy Maurene Gaines on September 12, 2018

   Courtney Christeena Henry an Samuel Anthony Garcia on September 13, 2018

  Richard Craig Krigbaum an Kelly Marie Smock on September 13, 2018

   Lawrence Lester Thompson, Jr. and Carol Gene Betz on September 13, 2018

  Corey Mason Hughes and Samantha Elizabeth Lopez on September 14, 2018

  Patrick James Gacayan and Katrina Crystal Barahas de Santiago on September 17, 2018

  Ryan Michael Sampson and Emily Christine Kolter on September 17, 2018

  Adriana Alicia Orozco Renteria an Rafael Salvador Larios Sanchez on September 19, 2018

  Caleb Joshua Acosta and Brianna Kendall Yanez on September 19, 2018

   Michael Dale Austin and Angela Rae Hintz on September 20, 2018

  Amanda Renee Zamagne and Vincent Reed Jachetta on September 24, 2018

  Robert Eliot Marshall an Eileen Louise Stanislav on September 24, 2018

   Jerimiah Halley Johnston and Kendra Elayne Griffith Groesbeck on September 26, 2018

  Ansel John Bowman and Lisa Denise Pettinichio on September 26, 2018

   John Raymond Couture and Debra Lynn Stratton on September 28, 2018

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