Sunday, October 14, 2018

PG&E avoids putting hot lines underground--WHY???

    We now learn that PG&E has intentionally diverted money
intended to put the dangerous overhead lines into the ground.

  No one has held them accountable, as they CLAIM they need that money to update other areas instead.  WHERE IS THE CPUC?  Oh, controlled by PG&E!

   We need to force them to follow the law!  We need to hold them accountable!!  KTVU Channel 2 first investigated and broke this story.


Anonymous said...

PG&E has 28,000 miles of distribution line (the voltage that runs through neighborhoods and across moderate distances). You expect 28,000 miles of trenching? Across mountainous terrain? Under lakes? It’d add at least a zero to the end of every electric bill, if not more.

Why do I bother, you never post opinions counter to your own anyway.

Anonymous said...

No excuses. i saw what that news channel in the bay area found out. If they cared about us at all, they would do what it right. Do you own stock or what is your excuse for such ignorance?

Anonymous said...

PGE soooooo stupid. Bury the damn lines!!!

steve smith said...

The big stock holders of PG&E probably all live in well protected gated communities. Do you think they give a **** about all us "little guys" (customers)?