Tuesday, October 9, 2018

PG&E has vegetation cutting HOT LINE

This woman in Mad River, California, says
Don't let them cut your TREES!
  We just learned that PG&E now has what they are calling a fire prevention vegetation
hot line for property owners to call regarding their trees and PG&E lines.

   You do have the right to refuse PG&E coming onto your land or cutting more than you believe is necessary for safety.

   This line is 877-295-4949 and we found them to be courteous and informative. Although we believe it is time, PG&E has no plans to put their power lines underground.

   Burying the lines is truly the only way to prevent the kind of fires like the Cascade, which we learned earlier today was caused by low hanging power lines.

  If you come home to find RED marks on your trees, better call (Saul- NOT) the HOT LINE!

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Anonymous said...

It's yellow paint and ribbon for the newest program, Accelerated Wildfire Risk Reduction