Wednesday, October 10, 2018

PG&E replies to Cascade Fire charge--Burying lines only way to stop fires!!

   The Cascade Fire began when high wind cause two sagging PG&E power lines to come into contact with
each other, creating "an electrical arc," CalFire said in a statement. 'The electrical arc deposited hot burning or molten material onto the ground," causing the fire.

   CalFire's investigative report was forwarded to Yuba County's district attorney.

   PG&E spokeswoman Lynsey Paolo said in an email:  "We look forward to the opportunity to carefully review the CalFire report to understand the agency's perspectives.

      In the meantime, we are continuing to focus on implementing additional precautionary measures intended to further reduce wildfire threats, such as working to remove and reduce dangerous vegetation, improving weather forecasting, upgrading emergency response warnings, making lines and poles stronger in high fire threat areas and taking other actions to make our system, and our customers and communities, even safer in the face of a growing wildfire threat."

   However, after speaking to management at PG&E yesterday, we learned that PG&E is NOT willing to do the one thing that will END the wildfire caused by power lines:  PUTTING THEM ALL UNDERGROUND!!

   In spite of the fact that they admit that would be a wise choice, they say they have NO immediate plans to protect any of us from wildfires.  They say its cheaper to pay the lawsuits and tree cutters, which really doesn't help much to protect ANYONE.

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Anonymous said...

Lets bury lines or not? 900 billion to bury lines and rates would triple if not quadruple. Or deal with the fires and hope your place doesn't burn down. Or clear cut the Sierra before it all burns! Pick one!