Monday, October 1, 2018

Vermont lawmaker quits after racist threats--Terrorists in Calaveras

   Diah Morris of Vermont says no one is protecting her from the racists who have harassed and threatened she and her family during her time as a black member of the House of Representatives.

   She has decided to quit the House of Representatives rather than take a chance, something we disagree with.

   As most of our readers know, these same type of racist terrorists and dirty cops have threatened the owners of the Sierra Sentinel, even though we are white, because we write against racism and hatred that spews out of their mouths.

   They have threatened to SHOOT UP our home, BURN DOWN our home with us in it, and have damaged our property to the cost of over $20,000!

   Yes, they HATE and commit crimes against white people who don't agree with them, just like they do people of color. These are mentally ill individuals.  

   We REFUSE to QUIT!!!  We refuse to RUN!  We will continue to write about them, and many of you know who they are. We have hard copies of EVERY threat and they were all turned into authorities.

  Calaveras Sheriff's deputies refuse to charge these lowest of life because they agree with them??? and support them for election?


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Anonymous said...

She shouldn't have quit. that's what they want, to make everyone afraid. they are dangerous scumbag creeps, some here in town, too