Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calaveras Supervisors Right About Garcia

    The Sierra Sentinel has to give praise where praise is due!  The ridiculous debacle that an ex-employee and an old enemy and other idiots from the COG days caused over Public Works Director Tom Garcia;s well-deserved raise was shameful.

   Supervisor Callaway, who was one of those who fell and was removed from the COG could have exacted her revenge on Garcia, as he was the one shining light during those dark days of the Council of Governments.

     Instead, she not only did the right thing, but by being the third vote to approve giving Garcia the raise he deserved,  she showed herself to be above the politics of those who made up criticisms.

    She told the world the truth; that Garcia was handling everything in a proper and expedient manner, including bringing in money to the County. (which it desperately needs)

   This all started when the Auditor Rebecca Callen made a speech that she was angry that the appointed department heads could get raises, but elected department heads cannot. (JEALOUSY?)

   She failed to mention that she as an elected official cannot be fired for four years, unlike department heads, whose life expectancy in this county is short.

   Those who spoke against Garcia not only showed their ignorance of what he has accomplished, but were used by the two who started the entire thing. Candidates for Supervisor were even drawn into it, and came out on the wrong side of the entire situation.

   Like the idiot in the picture, Callen and the rest went up in FLAMES!!! We even have to give kudos to the CAO, Jeanne Boyce, who chastized Callen directly. NEW AUDITOR NEXT ELECTION? Hmmmmm.....

   In the end, after all the moaning and groaning, Supervisors Tryon, Callaway and Tofanelli, wisely voted in favor of Garcia's raise, and the other two were terrified by confused constituents into voting against it.  Shows weakness and lack of understanding of knowing good management when you see it.

   If Tom Garcia left the County, we would be in an unbelievable state of chaos, just like we were with several of the other Public Works department heads we have had over the years.

   That is probably whye even a couple of employees complained (moaned, whined, unionized) and in general, seemed to wish they could go back to no one watching the store.

   Bravo to Callaway, Tryon and Tofanelli for having enough business sense to know what is good for Calaveras County on this issue.  No Donkey Pen for them this week.


Anonymous said...

Right on, SS.

Anonymous said...

I bet i could give you the names of the idiots right off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

I GUESS you don't care about the BROWN act?