Thursday, October 25, 2012

Corrupt Meeting in Board of Supervisors Chambers

   It doesn't matter how you feel about any of the non-profits being pushed by Callaway and Wilensky in order to get a big increase in the Transient Occupancy Tax in Calaveras County. Some of the best ones have been omitted.

     Didn't donate enough to Callaway and Wilensky's campaigns?

   This is CORRUPTION, plain and simple and in our opinion any non-profit that adhere's to it or allows their name to be attached to this corruption or Citizens for a Better Calaveras, which is the name Wilensky and his bunch made up for their corrupt endeavor, has become a party to it.

   This unbelievable increase in the TOT will hurt everyone in Calaveras County, not just the "rich out-of-towners" as Wilensky refers to them.

   SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!! Too lazy to do your own fundraising? Made too many enemies in the County to get donations? Been too politically attached to certain candidates so no one will help you anymore?

   ALL OF THE ABOVE???  When will the citizens of Calaveras County wake up and put a stop to elected officials using US to pay back THEIR campaigners? 

  And they are being allowed to hold their campaign in the Board of Supervisors Chambers tomorrow night, October 25, 2012 at 6:30 PM. We understand that no one is allowed to speak but this bunch who will be the ones to gain the easy money. More corruption?

    This is nothing but CORRUPTION GONE WILD!!!



Anonymous said...

So that's what this is all about. Why didn't the other publications tell the public the truth?

Anonymous said...

These non-profits previously received revenue from the General Fund but those funds were cut back due to the poor economy. So the non profits had 3 options: tighten their belts, inititate fund raisers or TAKE funds from someone else. Option 3 obviously takes the least amount of effort.

Anonymous said...

And Steve Wilensky saw it as an opportunity of getting a big support group to back HIS choice of candidate.

Anonymous said...

And the Visitors Bureau, who were CREATED by the Lodging Facilities and are FUNDED primarily from the Lodging Facilities have joined with CBC despite the fact that there are Lodging Facilites against it! Talk about biting the hand that feeds them. What a conflict of interest!Where the loyalty?

Anonymous said...

The Calaveras Enterprise are owned by a Progressive Partisan Berkely lawyer and Buzz is nothing but a puppet. He puts what he supports on the front page and what he doesn't he ignores or banished to back pages. The Union Democrat doesn't appear to be much better. Mr. Hamilton of the Pinetree.Net is friends with Lisa Boulton (CVB) (I saw him giggling and gushing with her on a video interview).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this is just a campaign rally for W(rong) and Edsel

Anonymous said...

It's high time for lodging partners in unincorporated Calaveras County to get together and redefine the existing TOT in a manner which makes financial and ethical sense. Note that the city Angles Camp pay its own TOT not affiliated in any way with County TOT rendering those lodging partners and voters excluded from impact and influence on this issue.

The current county 6% TOT is split approximately evenly between the Calaveras Visitors Bureau (CVB), Sheriff and Roads. According to the Wilensky/CBC 10%
TOT proposal, Roads no longer needs TOT proceeds and is excluded. That means that Roads can easily be excluded from the current 6% TOT proposal as well since the Board of Supervisors currently allocates all TOT proceeds. For arguments sake, lets increase the Sheriff's share to 40% (of 6%) giving 60% to the CVB. That's double what the CVB has actually received in many years per BOS allocation!

The only remaining problem is that the CVB itself has forgotten who pays for their existence. Other than CVB membership fees, 90% of CVB funding comes directly from TOT which is 100% paid by LODGING PARTNERS! To add insult to injury, all lodging partners are REQUIRED to pay membership fees to belong to the CVB! It's clearly high time to restructure the CVB to reflect its origin as the Calaveras County Lodging Association and put Lodging Partners pack in position to promote visitors and tourism in Calaveras County!

Where does that leave the CBC? Just where it should by performing their own fundraising in an ethical manner rather than taking the ENTITLEMENT low road and leeching of the hard earned money of Calaveras County lodging partners.