Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unions Throw $60 Million to Fight Prop 32

  Not surprisingly, big union money is trying to thwart Prop 32, $60 million worth!. Is this money they took out of union members paychecks? Is this what those members wanted done with it?

   Like all Propositions, it's a game of follow the money.

   And the main reason we believe unions and all others should get permission from the worker before they take their money and spend it on their own self-interests, which may not be the same as that worker.

   That's why we are a YES on Prop 32.

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Anonymous said...

If you check out the PDF of Prop 32 you see that the list of supporters includes Democrats, Republicans, etc and is NOTHING like the list the Anti-32 ads show. But the list of OPPONENTS are nothing but UNIONS and Democrats who benefit from these Unions. Also, NO list of anyone EXEMPTED because there is no list of exemptions.