Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter to the Editor....About TOT

   Dear Editor:

    I have been reading about a bunch of non-profits who want to start collecting TOT tax money. Are they really 501c3's?

   If they are, then I want my favorite non-profit to get some of that money too!

   Why should just these certain ones be picked for favoritism?  My son's sports team should get some and my favorite local social club needs money.

   Other organizations do just as much for the community as any of the ones that Supervisor Wilensky and Callaway handpicked.

   If they include all non-profits in the county, then it might be a good thing, but not for just a favored few.  And what about the churches? They need money too!

      CS in Copper


Anonymous said...

Now that's a good point. All or none.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that it would be good if all non-profits benefitted. Why should they?

The whole idea is screwy. No one with a brain in their head would vote for something like this.

Anonymous said...

Why can't this TOT folks hold fund raisers, dunk tanks for supervisors, bake sales, dancing with the stars programs, auctions, car washes?