Thursday, October 25, 2012

Big Campaign Rally Tonite in San Andreas

   Although the organizers are calling it a candidate forum, the e-mail ads being sent around the county shows the truth:

   BIG CAMPAIGN RALLY for Candidates who want taxes for favorite non-profits!!

   No, not all non-profites, just Wilensky and Callaways campaigners. It is to get more TOT taxes and pay it to the non-profits who campaigned for those Supervisors.

   What better way to repay them. Make sure they never have to work at fundraising again.

   Other non-profits are not deserving.  Only those who campaigned for those Supervisors are deserving of our tax money.


   Pay attention to those who attend tonite at the Board of Supervisors. They are the ones perpetuating the CORRUPTION in Calaveras County.

   VOTE NO on their TOT tax increase. NO favoritism for campaigning non-profits!!  No free money for lazy, partisan groups who spend most of their time SCHMOOZING Supervisors!!



Anonymous said...

Why haven't we been told about this previously?

Anonymous said...

Non-profits, at least 501c3's are not allowed to campaign. What are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

We just want to make money in some way, and this seems like the easiest. So what if it's tax money. You are just jealous because your non-profit isn't on Wilesnky and Callaway's list.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Sierra Sentinel just be quiet. We deserve that money. We have done everything Callaway has told us to do for years, including our members campaigning for her in each election.