Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wallace Bar Fight Ends in Gunfire

Tuesday October 2, 2012, 11:16 AM

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office



Wallace Bar Fight Ends in Gunfire: Two Arrested

    (San Andreas, CA) On 10/01/12 at 1:41 AM Calaveras Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to Rosetti's Bar on Highway 12 in Wallace for a report of a physical altercation that resulted in gunfire.

    According to preliminary statements the reported victim, Michael Hatterle (30) of Wallace became involved in an argument with the bartender, Gregory Stanley (40) of Valley Springs.

     The argument turned into a physical fight outside in the bar's parking lot. While outside, Mr. Hatterle was reportedly knocked to the ground.

     As he stood up and looked at Suspect Stanley he saw Stanley holding a handgun. He then saw the gun muzzle flash and felt warm air rush by his side.

     Sometime during these events a second suspect, Lorna Greenroot (33) of Burson, who was holding some sort of pipe, approached and threatened to strike Mr. Hatterle with the pipe if he did not leave.

    Mr. Hatterle immediately left the area in his vehicle and called the sheriff's office for assistance.

     Mr. Hatterle suffered a minor injury to his arm during this incident. The two suspects fled the scene prior to the arrival of the deputies.

Sheriff's Detectives were called to the scene to take over the investigation. During the investigation it was determined that Suspect Stanley fired one cartridge from a 9mm handgun in the direction of the victim.

     The bullet did not strike the victim, but it was thought that a ricochet from the bullet striking the ground possibly struck the victim in the arm causing a minor laceration.

    On the afternoon of October 1, 2012 detectives spotted Suspect Stanley driving a vehicle with Suspect Greenroot on Highway 12 in the Wallace area.

     The detectives conducted a traffic stop on the suspects' vehicle and took both subjects into custody.

    At the time of Suspect Stanley's arrest the detectives found a loaded 9mm handgun concealed inside a pocket of his trousers.

    Suspect Gregory Stanley was booked into the Calaveras County Jail on the charges that he violated California Penal Codes 664/187: Attempted Murder (felony) and 25850 (a): Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public (Misdemeanor).

    Suspect Lorna Greenroot was booked into the Calaveras County Jail on the charges that she violated California Penal Codes 245 (a)(1): Assault with a Deadly Weapon (felony) and 422: Criminal Threats (felony).

At the time of this press release neither suspect has provided a statement to the investigators.


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