Monday, April 29, 2013

"...sleep with a Gun next to their bed."

   Senator Tom Berryhill says he services the needs of Calaveras County, not that he represents Calaveras County. Why?

   In a press release today, he says that "... Democrats don't want people to have guns, but they continue to make policy decisions that encourage people to sleep with a gun next to their bed."

   He was angry that a proposal to throw more money after bad in the next release of 9000 prisoners, was defeated in the legislature.

   In Rancho Calaveras, one Rancho Calaveras woman who was interviewed by Channel 3, stated that "everyone here is armed" was pretty darn scary. Why?

   We here at the Sentinel pictured Supervisor Darren Spellman waving a gun around and perpetual candidate for anything, Marti Crane, cleaning her gun collection and buying MORE bullets.

  Now that's more scary than the release of the 9000 prisoners, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

We got that email too. He also says our children should be able to walk to shcool safely, but Supervisor Spellman doesn't agree.