Friday, July 17, 2015

The First time Patrick Strohmeyer threatened my life!! OP-ED!!

   When I could no longer handle the craziness that was Patrick Strohmeyer's worsening behavior; trespassing, yelling and screaming, running across the highway, back and forth, I called Mr. Strohmeyers brother George.

  Patrick Strohmeyer had been fired from CHP
in Stockton after being turned in by a female officer for allegedly beating a handcuffed young Hispanic man in the back of his patrol car and then writing a false report.

    He was supposedly being babysat after some type of stroke like illness, but we saw no one at the house when his wife went to work.

     She told us Patrick had to trespass in order to walk his dog. Is that nuts or what? We insisted NO, that they are NOT allowed on our land, among other things.  Our NO TRESPASSING signs disappeared.

   George had given me his number in case anything unusual happened or I needed help when he was down here once. He had told me he knew what it must be like to live next door to his brother.

   At that time, we were not aware of the relationship between Mrs. Strohmeyer and Mr. Preston, which we now feel was a catalyst for them to repeatedly break the law.

   I informed George, who live in the Susanville area, what was happening and that we can't deal with it anymore. Up to that point we had not called law enforcement.

  I told him we were going to have to report Patrick and his wife Karen to the authorities for their behavior if the family didn't take care of the problem and get them help.

   The next day when I went out to water, here came both of the Strohmeyers; Mr. Strohmeyer stomping around and then turning to scream at me, waving his arms all around.  "Don't you EVER DARE call my family again." he screamed, among other filthy threats.

   That was only the first time they threatened me physically. At that time I calmly told him, "You should be locked up in a mental institution! " 

   Mr. Strohmeyer became even more inflamed, screaming and yelling things, and threatening me. It only got worse from then on.

     Of course, George Strohmeyer, instead of helping,  had apparently encouraged his brother to continue his rampages against us, as we had refused to hire him, refused to give him money, etc.

   Not once during this exchange, did Mr. Strohmeyer limp, drag his leg, throw his head up like he was 9 years old, speak incoherently, as his wife had told us. Not one sign of disability have we ever seen when he is in the back of his home, either.

   This was when we began to believe that the entire family must be of questionable mental stability. We even received a strange email, unsigned, threatening us. This person actually seemed to believe that WE were the people harassing THEM!  OMG!!!

     One person we showed this to, said they thought that might be from a female, a sister or someone. It was then we realized this must be the entire Strohmeyer collection, who like to harass neighbors who won't donate money to them or give them a job.  Who knew?

   This was the turning point in the insanity that was and are our "Neighbors from Hell!". From then on we reported everything they did to us. There must be hundreds of sheriff reports. We kept copies of everything.

     The District Attorney finally began investigating the case, but we felt they didn't consider the two of them violent enough to protect us.

     We have always felt that people who own businesses or property are put low on the priority list with the Sheriff and the DA in Calaveras County.

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