Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Calaveras Supervisor Dennis Mills in trouble AGAIN??? RECALL???

  UPDATE:  Several other residents got up and made the same demands of Mills. He did not respond at all.

   A woman from District 1 made a comment
detailing a conversation she had with Supervisor of District 4 Dennis Mills at a Republican function.  Mill's wife is the Chair of that Tea Party organization.

   The woman detailed the fact that Mills says the Sheriff and county have plenty of money to move around to pay for destroying all marijuana grows in the county.  Mills is campaigning for the ban, as are other Tea Party wackos.  This man needs to be recalled immediately. 


Anonymous said...

After Clapp admitted to sending an email to several of the supes including MILLS he was caught violating the brown act. Mills stated... I didnt read the email. Lies

Anonymous said...

How many is several? What was contained in the email? Maybe it was a lunch menu?

Anonymous said...

Could that be looked at like that great picture of Tofanelli, Tryon, Callaway, county counsel and who, at the Pickle Patch, a few years ago? They claim they never discussed county business, just chit-chatted or like Wright sitting in Edson's restaurant chit-chatting with Edson? The definition for Calaveras is corruption.
At least the asphalt plant has moved to a proper location.