Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Calaveras County illegally vulgarly stops cameras???

   As the SierraSentinel.com, we full well know how corrupt and secretive the Calaveras County government is and how the abuse of power permeates through elected officials and employees.

   We have had the Sheriff's Office abuse of power and failure to follow the law or arrest their personal friends who break the law.

   A resident of Valley Springs got up during Public Comment to point out the abuse he has received when requesting public documents and information and how he was cursed at for using a camera while talking to a public official, his constitutional right. 

   How far down has Calaveras County sank. The County Counsel agrees with the corruption and should be fired, in our opinion.  She silences all people from speaking when they have made trouble of any kind as employees. 

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Anonymous said...

How many Calaveras County employees are in trouble? That's the real question. Will they be fired or retired?