Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Mayor of Angels Camp LIES!!!! November 13, 2017

  Everyone knows that the City of Angels Camp should be dissolved, per the Grand Jury demand this year.  Every meeting they do incompetent things to prove they do NOT belong incorporated.

   Mayor Behiel announced after Steve Difu said the agenda for November 13, 2017 was different and the required number of hours was not allowed.  The mayor said he considered this to be a worksheet that they will discuss and not a set agenda.

   When challenged that no decision would be made, Behiel denied that he made that statement. That is a LIE. IT is on tape, Mr. Behiel!!  We feel that he is encouraged to do this by who we feel is the mentally unstable and incompetent Administrative officer, Mary Kelly.

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Anonymous said...

I watched it on utube. even the attorney lied. it was NOT psted in time to not violate the brown act.