Saturday, November 18, 2017

Angels Camp Police Chief gives CAMPAIGN speech--Should be FIRED!!!

   At the Angels Camp City Council meeting on November 13, 2017 regarding cannabis, the mayor said that the Police Chief is NOT required to speak, but councilmember Herman, the extremist
religious and right-wing Republican, invited him to speak.

   Fordahl gave a lengthy speech, wearing his uniform, but giving his personal opinion, just exactly what Herman has stated many time.  If we believed them, this is a moral issue, kind of like a President who brags about his sexual assault of women (and his friends, like Moore).

  It is our feeling that Fordahl was violating his contract and should be fired. He spoke with his uniform on, criticizing City Councilmembers who are in favor of the regulation of cannabis. This man does NOT belong in government. FIRE Fordahl!!!

   When challenged by Councilmember Folendorf that states have rights, Fordahl stated that he is not a constitutional scholar, just a DUMB COP!   We had NO idea just how dumb he is!!

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