Monday, November 20, 2017

Angels Camp City Council shaking...

That bunch who is ruling the Angels Camp
City Council needs to climb back
under their racist rocks!!!
   You could actually watch as each Angels Camp City Council member began shaking and then folded to the extremist right wing Trump crowd at their meeting on November 13, 2017.

   The audience was rude, yelling loudly
and Steve Difu had to be removed by Chief Fordahl. These are NOT the nice people in Calaveras
County. The nice people were afraid to show up due to fear of violence.

   Preacher Hermann actually led the meeting down the road to a total ban, as one by one the councilmembers were threatened and then folded to the crowd, banning cannabis completely.

   Even after Difu was forcibly removed, shouting continued but the mayor did not remove any others. The City Attorney was on his own to tell the crowd to be quiet while he spoke.

   Preacher Hermann wants a sales tax increase in Angels Camp.  She said most people want that instead of cannabis. 

   After the Police Chief Fordahl made his personal campaign speech against cannabis, saying that they should listen to the people in the audience (nut cases, apparently), Councilperson Folendorf stated that the people in favor of regulation were afraid to come and put up with the extremists!!

   One person actually came up to the podium and said that in the 60's in San Francisco she knew people who were locked in a sanitarium because they were psychotic on cannabis!!

   This meeting was further proof that the City of Angels Camp has no competence to be a CITY and should dissolve as the Grand Jury demanded!!


Anonymous said...

There were a lot of legitimately 'crazy' people in that audience.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen it yet. maybe tonight. Did they throw out the women who I hear yelled???

Anonymous said...

Angels Camp allowed greenhorn and that was the end of angels camp. the religious nuts moved in.

Anonymous said...

They CHOKED in their own religious vomit if you ask me. no way angels should be a city.