Monday, November 27, 2017

Calaveras Buzz Saw of Ebbetts Pass District 3

   Rumors, rumors, rumors abound in this nearing election season. We will elect a Sheriff and a District 3 Supervisor, along with County
District Attorney.

  Among the many considering a run for Supervisor, along with Callaway, is Mike Borean, who recently retired from a fire department in San Jose and lives in Murphys.

  The talk is that he and Pat Garrahan, who has run for Sheriff previously, may team up to run against DiBasilio and Oliveira, who many consider to be corrupt!

   They need a candidate for DA, since Yook (the crook) has not been able to get a conviction even for a man who was shot in the back and killed.   She also loves racists and is conflicted due to her husband's job with the Sheriff and actually fights against women who are assaulted.

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