Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mary Kelly's mental illness reaches breaking point???

Now, please be careful
with your AK!!
   The City of Angels Camp (the worst city in the state), was told by the Grand Jury in 2017 to dissolve the city charter. 

   Part of the reason we believe is due to the mental instability
of the person who has been running this city, Mary Kelly. We are told she has such severe mental illness, she often begins shaking but then just goes around harassing city residents and businesses!!  Sad, so sad!!!

   One fairly new resident told us that when she had to go to the city to handle a water problem Mary Kelly was not just rude; her behavior was bizarre.

    She apparently started talking about how she blocks emails of people she doesn't like, doesn't believe in 1st Amendment and doesn't have to because 'WE'RE in Angels Camp now and we do things the way WE want to!'


Anonymous said...

Everyone says Kelly is mental. why do you think they can't run the city or keep a cao?

Anonymous said...

It's true. Mary Kelly is a bitch and why do we all have to put up with it????

Anonymous said...

Council seems to like it that way. worthless to be a city. close it down!