Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sexual misconduct in Calaveras!!!

   While most residents are well aware of the blatant alleged sexual misconduct involving retired CHP officer who got elected D1 Supervisor, Claudino and a woman he hired to work in the Calaveras Planning Department, how many are aware of other disgusting
scandals and unreported sexual misconduct involving elected and law enforcement employees.

   The rumors of our dead Sheriff Kuntz were widely known and he seemed to wallow in them rather than be shamed or embarrassed.  Most accusations were kept under wraps, so to speak.

  So what about those who are not dead, but have secrets in their past or present regarding improper sexual behavior.  We will be writing about this serious problem here in our little county.

   It isn't just big cities or large corporations or media giants where this occurs. This happens everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Callaway was in on bringin that woman here to fire Waller. Thene he got millions and the woman sued and got more money from this county. corruption I guess

Anonymous said...

You know Claudino is still alive, at least the last time I saw him??

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw him he was DUI

Anonymous said...

Callaway, Wilensky, they tried to destroy Calaveras. and then they passed a no growth law that is still on the books, putting thousands out of work. no good!