Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Attempts to discredit the honest press??

   After reading the article about a right wing racist group trying to pass off a phony  sex story to the Washington Post, we discussed and realized that the WP is not alone.

   After checking out a story last week about a woman who called the Sierra Sentinel, who accused a woman of being a crooked business person, even serious felony lies, we saw that someone was actually trying to discredit local news sources, too.

  Of course, we quickly found out not one thing could be backed up. So, who hangs out at that particular business?  Is it racists, or gun thugs?  

   One name keeps popping up in the Ebbetts Pass area regarding this issue. Why is it that Mike Preston is mentioned as a suspect in this ring of craziness going on in District 3.

   Why is the person who has been reported to the FBI, Secret Service and other authorities for threatening President Obama, again being named in this recent fiasco?

   Has this person been removed and banned from this business, as he has been from others in the area?  If not, why not???  We are doing a complete investigation into this!

   And is a relative of the owner in on it?  Voices on both tapes are identical. We are tracing them both and will let the public know.

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