Monday, November 20, 2017

Will City of Angels Camp continue their LIE??? Mary Kelly???

"I'm running this crooked
ship and I say 'shut up
and leave me alone!'"
   After watching the insane, malicious, threatening and seemingly violent crowd at the Bret Harte Theater on November 13, 2017 to discuss cannabis, we were shocked.

   We knew already that Angels Camp residents love to
viciously gossip, spew religion our of their mouths like the F word and shop in other counties, not at

   What we did not know was that although the City Attorney admitted he added things to the agenda without giving proper Brown Act notice, that they would have the COUNCIL vote anyway.  Mary Kelly certainly does not care about that, even though she knew!!!

   We sent an email to the City Attorney, asking about if and when they will reschedule the agenda properly for a vote and have not received a reply.  A clear VIOLATION of the Brown Act!!   How long will the City Council, who has been declared incompetent by the Grand Jury, continue their lie???

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Anonymous said...

Someone will probably tell the grand jury. it's n tape.