Saturday, November 25, 2017

Avoiding bears in the Sierras: Attracted to drunks???

Considering the amount of clear-cutting going on in the Sierras,
there have been very human encounters recently. Due to lack of
and natural food high in the Sierras, they have moved
down into the lower elevations, but are usually out mostly at

 If you leave garbage laying around and unsecured, put in a
hot tub or leave pet food out, you will have all kinds of
visitors at night, including bears.
There are no more brown bears in California, although the
native black bear can be found in various shades of
black, brown and even blonde-like. They love
manzanita berries and blackberries, but will raid
a garbage can.  If you keep a big dog on the
property, most bears will stay away, as they do not
like dogs!! 
   They also seem to be attracted to drunks, so if you have
that problem, go to AA!!

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