Sunday, January 14, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio and Supervisor Mills CORRUPT together? Taxpayers PAY!!

   We were just told by a source, after doing some checking, that the fraudulent bust that Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio and Supervisor Mills perpetrated at the old airport in San Andreas was worse
that we thought.

   It apparently cost Calaveras County taxpayers several million to settle the lawsuit they brought against the Sheriff and Supervisor.  The county needs to stop hiring racists!!

   Growers lost much more and because they were legally licensed, but Hispanic, they were raided for pure publicity to counter Measure D's ordinance going to the ballot.

   Why can't Calaveras County rid itself of these criminal officials, allowed to run rampant over the citizens, harass innocent people with their helicopters dangerously close to the ground and way too many deputies to do nothing but cut down pot plants?

   How many more lawsuits are coming our way. Get ready! If these Supervisors don't get smart, we're all in more trouble than we ever thought possible.  Corruption has to be stopped in Calaveras County.




Anonymous said...

We have two people running against him. Gary Stevens and pat garrahan. Who are you going to support?

Anonymous said...

Gary Stevens..worked with him in the past...has my vote.went to Amador for a reason, people...definitely more qualified than the current pawn in office.