Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dr Smith....This is all bigotry and RACISM

   Dr. Prapanna Smith publicly stated that all of this Cannabis BAN initiative stuff is RACIST, they own it
and they have everything coming to them.

   Smith is correct! Tofanelli, Clapp and Mills allowed,  and encouraged the RACIST reasons for banning cannabis, including comments made by Clapp, to stand in the Board Room of the Calaveras Supervisors.

   Hopefully, the three of them WILL PAY for their sick behavior.  One person quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. saying "Although the world may fall apart tomorrow, I will still plant my apple tree!"

   If you look at the list of people who commented against cannabis, they are all ALT-RIGHT, racist, Republican and rednecks who are out to destroy democracy and hurt minorities!

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