Friday, January 19, 2018

Out of the values!

  Our take based on the response from Calaveras Assessor Leslie Davis is that if you want to try and sell your land right away, you may be able to get more
for it now, than if you wait. Davis did not make this statement and it is not a quote from her office.

   We do believe, however, that you and or your realtor must inform the prospective buyer of the misfortune that has befallen Calaveras County in the Tofanelli Cannabis BAN!

   Then the new owner will be the one to have to deal with the loss of value and getting it reappraised.

  If you are keeping your land, you are best served by first requesting and then demanding an Appeal of your TAXES.

   The reason for delays is because the county WILL lose tax money it needs if everyone comes in and demands to have their property reassessed and Appeals their decision.

   Even though 'BY LAW' the county is off the hook for CAUSING the decline, we all know that they have caused the death of land values for years to come due to their inept Tofanelli Cannabis BAN!

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