Friday, January 19, 2018

Same question about land values to Muetterties

  UPDATE:  As always Leslie Davis, Calaveras Assessor, responds quickly, day or night, to any questions we may have about land values, assessments, etc.

   Since we have still not heard a word from Mr. Muetterties,
we are disappointed in his apparent lack of knowledge and willingness to respond to questions important to residents of Calaveras.

 We have asked Timm Muetterties, candidate for Calaveras Assessor, his opinion of land values after the cannabis ban.

   We ill let you know when he responds.  So far, nothing!


Anonymous said...

How is he supposed to know anything. He's just a realtor.

Anonymous said...

He has no clue. The information he has given others in incorrect information as well

Anonymous said...

Leslie Davis will have my vote of confidence!