Thursday, January 18, 2018

The first CANNABIS refunds!!! Calaveras County, Tofanelli's BAN!

  On the January 23, 2018 agenda is approving the first $100,000 in a fund purposely to refund all the cannabis growers who now are denied the right to grow due to Tofanelli's BAN!

   The fund will have to be made MUCH bigger. This is only a start.  Vickie Reinke, the MIll's family, Susan Morris, the Lori White's and other, including McmAnus, will be contributing to this fund.  The Board of Supervisors must INSIST!!

   They also are holding a Closed Session before the meeting due to the 200 lawsuits reported on KCRA last night.  Mr. Tofanelli's BAN is well-known around California!!

  They will also need a special fund to pay for another attorney to fight the lawsuits!  What idiots we have for Supervisors,


Anonymous said...

I have been in real estate rental both residential and commercial in Calaveras Arnold area for ten years, 130 rentals. I am disgusted with this county and the degenerate fake politics. I will be selling everything and never doing business in this county again. Those three chit heads ruined family income. Mills planned it all so as to get all tax money first then back stab all who are compliant. Stupid CCA could have supported measure D last November but now they are just exposed as back wood hicks. Garamendi screwed it all by pushing for unrealistic goals with ahh*******I hate this chit hole County. Burn it all down you ********. (edited for language)

Anonymous said...

All the homes burned down, acreage ruined. Most people use what little insurance to pay off mortgage, then stuck with low value property. Stupid supes! The income from growers would have funded rebuilding all those homes. Hiring local contractors and labor. Buying local building materials. All those workers buy local grocery, local restaurant, clothing, etc. County collects higher prop tax from all new homes built. The lost revenue is in hundred millions over a few years. FACT! Stupid supes. All of em.

Anonymous said...

How sad the marijuana growers multi-millions of dollars legal expectations down the s**thole. look at the bright side, the federal government is preparing to assist California. Such is life in Jerry Brownville.