Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What have we learned about WHO is violent??

With a pretense of wanting to
help us, the Alt-Right says
Cannabis is a danger!! They
lie and we believe THEY
 are the real DANGER!!!
   In the past week or so we have learned that COPS, retired or not, can be extremely violent to anyone who doesn't agree with them.  Even females, and even at public meetings.

   It certainly isn't the cannabis growers!! It's always been the BANSTERS!!!

   We have learned that since Trump
redneck racism took over the White House that they will do absolutely ANYTHING to get their way.  Trumps comments publicly show his violent hatred for minorities.

  And most of all, we have learned that the most violent predators in Calaveras County (and there is
much documented evidence) are the RACIST Trumpers, mentally deranged, threatening, gun thugs, who care about nothing but themselves, just like TRUMP!

   Until the government can bring these violent people into control, arrest those who they know are threats and force psychiatric treatment on those on the cusp, we are all in danger.

   These are HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS!!  They did not come across any border!  They were not foreign born!  They are sick racists and a threat to our democracy and peace at home!!

   When we informed Gary Stevens about the threat locally, he was silent--he acted like he never knew how bad things are here--he is protecting them.  He cannot be a decent SHERIFF!! He is no better that DiBasilio!!

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